Regarding the square footage and door sizes of a powder

So we decided to discuss some under the stairs ideas and actually do it! Hi i have a toilet in northwest and shower in west. I wanted to install a full mini bathroom under our stairs. Hence, if “Qi” enters the bathroom (read as bathroom or toilet) then rest assured that it’s flushed right away out of your house and that’s what we certainly don’t want to happen. Regarding the square footage and door sizes of a powder room, it may be useful to compare it to a toilet under stairs stall in a public restroom. Habitable rooms, hallways, corridors, bathrooms, toilet rooms, laundry rooms and basements shall have a ceiling height of not less than 7 feet (2134 mm). There, you will often find toilet compartments as small as 30” x 54”, and the partition’’s INswinging doors are as narrow as 22” wide, with the typical door being 23” wide. Again, when the door is closed it blends into the wall – who wants to advertise the presence of a toilet if they don’t have to? I’’d love to see the smallest designed bathroom under a stairs. Hang a curtain of appropriate color or place a partition such that the toilet isn’t visible via entrance. Clearance from front of toilet is 21” plus toilet itself. Think that space under the stairs is too small for a bathroom? The tips 1st to 8th are general bathroom tips (which can be applied to any bathroom or toilet); number 9th to 13th are direction specific feng shui bathroom tips. I understand that bathroom or toilet on top of the main door is not good but what about washing machine? Stairs is outside of each floor on south west side. If I made that 1st intermediate landing 42” wide instead of 36” like the stairs I then have my 42”x36” space. The toilet pan facing east-west. Yeedalong1 I wanted to install a full mini bathroom under our stairs. In the first image you’ve marked the entrance as NE facing hence considering that means there’s a toilet in NE of the house near the entrance. The height under the landing won’’t be anywhere near 6’’-8”, unless the landing is no more than a very few risers down from the second floor, as in a very unequal-leg U-shaped stair. Something about the space under the stairs just says ‘cozy,’ so a curluppable little nook is the perfect. Lay-out below: – office on the main floor is right under the master’s bathroom upstairs – master’s bathroom doesn’t have a door – was a builder’s design/lay-out Thank. I know I’’ve done a toilet compartment 3’’x5’’, possibly smaller. Do make sure to apply remedies under guidance of an expert feng shui consultant.